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“The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.” Lao-Tzu

HWY 1 to ONENESS Is the powerful story of one man’s journey that cultivates the healing power of
God for all humanity. It is 3 films in one.

Raj is a successful businessman who has everything, yet he feels disconnected from his true purpose in life. He feels detached from his family and friends and he feels disjointed from his true passion in life. There is a void in his life that he does not know how to fill. One day as he is driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, HWY 1, he experiences a deep felt knowing and transcendence and he has a heartfelt conversation with God. This drive changes his life forever as he discovers his true calling and embraces the guiding light for his path to enlightenment. This drive becomes his call to action and to make changes in the world.

Triloc Films is a worldwide distribution and production company based in Hollywood, California. Working closely with Indian film companies as well. we deliver high-quality movies embracing the unique vision of the independent filmmaker. http://www.trilocfilms.com/



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We know there is someone within us who always appreciates when we have done something really good for ourselves or others… And we also know the same ONE stops us when we have done bad or intend ill will on oneself or on others. Who is that ONE??


HWY 1 to ONENESS is the powerful story of one man’s journey that cultivates the spiritual healing power of GOD for all humanity suffering with COVID-19 and all other issues around the World.



This is a great movie project, written by Rajan Luthra. The movie is a unique concept to bring the world together to the one platform. The message of this movie is Oneness. This movie project will be one of the causes to make people think about Oneness, an important part of everyone’s life. Rajan found this vision when he was driving to Los Angeles from San Francisco on Hwy 1. The story of Hwy 1 to Oneness is a man who believes in all the religions and goodness of all living beings and a strong believer of “ONE GOD”. He realized through GOD’S calling, that the present need of the world is ONENESS, unity, peace and love. He decided to give up all his businesses and build ONENESS platforms around the world. These platforms will help the people resolve their problems and resolve the big issues in political world, spiritual world, religious world, wealthy world and poor world.

This is unique project to bring everyone together as ONE.

The shooting of this movie is planned to begin in late 2020.



Driving on beautiful HWY 1 the idea of ONENESS came flooding in scene after glorious scene. First, a stirring was felt within and he connected with the ONE within, he turned off the radio and tuned in watching his breath as he weaved along the highway’s crags and curves. He continued to drive taking in the sights, sounds and long breezes of the Pacific Ocean. Then he connected with his true nature, he felt ONE with all of the elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Space, and Air. Hair blowing in the wind he was enticed to pull over and reflect on the water below and He meditated on his whole life, past, present and future. Finally, he realized his life has a bigger purpose. Back on the road, cruising along the PCH flashbacks came to him depicting all of the scenes all in his life where he was serving humanity in India, in Europe and the U.S. Each scene rolled back starting at his birth and a theme emerged: his whole life had been spent helping people, caring people and sharing whatever he has, and of course empowering people through his entrepreneurship skills. He served children, families, friends, business associates and even the most destitute homeless and addicted souls. So many business deals had been sealed through this service and multitudes of people were enriched but he felt in his life journey that something was missing in his life and in the beautiful world. He has given himself to everyone 100% in every relationships of personal, business and friendship. Every soul is important for him.But he realized there is something missing in this World

So what is that Which is missing ???? he is kept asking to his Oneself and the nature…. Then suddenly , “Oneness” whispered on the breeze then began to reverberate loud and clear; “Oneness” it’s the missing ingredient in everyone’s lives. “Oneness” defined is: Truthfulness, Honesty, Love, and True Connection.,,,, Immediately title of the movie taken place “HWY 1 TO ONENESS”

With the time now this whole project has become more than a movie script. The whole Vision Of Oneness will be shown in this movie, How he takes the whole concept around the World.

“Oneness” is the foundation which the world is missing. A vision and mission to bring the whole world together as ONE where peace, happiness, honesty, truthfulness, unity, love and “Oneness” reside; this is the premise of the movie project HWY 1 TO ONENESS.


“Oneness of Raj” is an animated movie that Raj is working on during the film that gives us more backstory on his spiritual journey where he had the vision to bring the world together. Raj believes we all are the family of ONE Divine, and that there is only ONE GOD, who has created the entire universe and its occupants: Humanity. When that happens, Raj envisiones, then and only then, can we become ONE with the Supreme Soul. This is called “Oneness of RAJ”.


Rajan Luthra completed his education in Delhi, India, graduating in Electronics Engineering. From a very young age, he displayed an exemplary grasp of business and entrepreneurship, launching several successful business ventures, including his foray into the world of Import/Export. His enterprise and dynamism took him to Germany next, where he built his Real Estate empire, investing in premium and historic properties such as the Villa Baltic, a luxurious mansion on the Baltic Sea coast in Rostock, Germany.

Despite being incredibly successful in the world of business, his heart lies in the nonprofit organization that he founded – Help Foundations Group (HFG). The organization’s mission is to alleviate poverty, improve global health, strengthen economies, and protect the environment. It believes more in actions than in words, and actively pursues its causes by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, NGOs, and private citizens. It leverages the expertise, resources, and passions of all its partners with the singular aim of making sure that good intentions translate into tangible and measurable results.

He is also working on to build JOB PORTAL called Recruiting24x7.com to help his foundation and help homelessTo get job and build their own homes. Presently, Rajan is focusing on projects in Real Estate, Movie Production and Vendorship Inc.His Real Estate business deals with commercial properties such as hotels, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and office buildings

In Vendorship Inc To understand the government contracting marketplace: State,County city, Education & Federal (DOD, DHS, and more). Vendorship helps many IT companies with know how with Governement contracting

In Triloc Films Studio, he is actively pursuing his dream projects Hwy 1 to Oneness under the banner of TRILOC Films Studio. The Hwy 1 to Oneness script is almost complete, and is presently being reviewed. The casting team is actively looking to bring great talents on the board to transform his vision into reality. He is also looking to work for big studios,investors, Sponsors for his true vision. His main goal is after this movie project. He wouldl ike to launch Oneness centers around the World. Where he wants Bring the who world together as ONE.